An Ultimate Guide To Advertise On Instagram

Looking for a quick strategy to improve your Instagram marketing? If so, Instagram ads should be launched immediately. While doing so will require an outlay of funds, the potential increase in brand awareness and sales is well worth the cost.

However, it can be challenging to see positive results from Instagram advertising. You can’t just launch a campaign at random and hope for results. There is a lot that goes into making Instagram advertising, from determining your objectives to selecting the best ad format.

How Does Instagram Marketing Work?

Paid advertisements on Instagram allow businesses to reach their target demographic. Using the Facebook Ads Manager, you can place ads anywhere within Instagram, including the main feed, Stories, and Explore. To set themselves apart from regular Instagram posts, these advertisements will often have a call-to-action button and a “sponsored” label.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Ads?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites, with one billion active users per month. It’s likely that some of these people will be your target demographic. According to Facebook, 1.22 billion Instagram users might be exposed to one ad. And the platform’s advertising reach has increased by 5.4% over the previous quarter.

Instagram is not just a platform for advertising, but also for influencing consumers’ final purchases. A Facebook survey found that 83 percent of participants found new businesses and brands using Instagram. Eighty percent of Instagram users reported that the platform influences their purchasing habits. 54% of Instagram users have bought something after seeing it on the platform.

What is the going rate for Instagram marketing?

Instagram advertising costs are affected by several variables, such as location, targeting, and level of competition. For instance, prices are likely to rise if a number of advertisers bid on the same pool of potential customers. Instagram CPCs, on the other hand, are normally between $0.02 and $2.

How to Get Started with Instagram Ads?

Now that we know Instagram advertisements are worthwhile, we can get to the meat of the matter: how to launch an ad campaign. Like any other advertising campaign, an Instagram ad campaign needs extensive preparation before it can be launched. Here are the fundamentals of Instagram advertising:

Identifying Your Objectives

What are you hoping to accomplish with this drive? This is the first thing you should consider, as the answer will determine the course of the whole campaign, down to the last cent. Do you seek increased revenue? Or is it enough for you to have people become familiar with your brand? Maybe you’re looking to boost app downloads. You may also wish to advertise a fresh product line.

Determine exactly what it is you hope to accomplish with your campaign. All the other parts of your campaign will be built upon this. It will also establish the standards by which your marketing is evaluated.

Identify your ideal customers

The success of your advertising strategy may hinge on the specific demographics you choose to focus on. Know who you’re trying to reach before deciding where to put ads and what kind of ads to use.

Do videos increase the likelihood of a response from them? Do they spend less time on their feed than they do on Explore? Are most purchases made on the site itself? How can we best reach them with a message? These are some of the most important concerns you should have when defining your audience.

Select an Ad Format

Instagram has several options for ad sizes, designs, and locations. To find the most effective ads, you may try out a variety of various formats. Depending on your campaign’s objective and target audience, you’ll want to choose the most appropriate ad format.

Make Your Ad

Your campaign’s ad creative may then be designed when you’ve settled on the ad format(s) you’ll be using. If you’re planning on creating an ad on Instagram, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Since the app is designed for mobile use, the ad should be created with mobile in mind. For optimal performance, tailor the dimensions of your advertisement to Instagram’s specifications. In addition, shoot videos in the vertical orientation whenever possible. Use bigger fonts for text overlay without making the photo or video unwatchable.
Make sure your message stands out — consumers need a good reason to click on your advertising, so give them one. Create messaging that is immediately apparent within the first few seconds in addition to eye-catching visuals.
Make videos that can be seen without sound – Nearly nine in ten Americans prefer to watch videos without sound. Sound may be powerful, but it’s important to always design for sound-off use. Make use of the visual aspects of your video to convey your core point. Include captions if you use voiceover or scripted audio. Your video advertisements will reach a wider audience this way.

Launch Your Ad Campaign

Having laid out all of the necessary steps, you can now begin developing your Instagram advertising strategy. Instagram advertisements may be promoted posts or made from scratch using the Facebook advertisements Manager. Any business account on Instagram can pay to have a post promoted. You may start promoting right away without having to spend time making fresh visuals.