10 Effective Social Media Tips To Generate More Leads

The success of your business as a home remodeler or general contractor depends on your ability to attract new customers. A good way to increase your lead count is to use social media. Given that there are more than 3.5 billion people using social media at this time, this is a great place for contractors to advertise and generate leads. Here, we’ll discuss ways to increase your contracting firm’s lead generation efforts via social media. read more

How User-Generated Content Can Increase Sales On Facebook Stores

Retailers on Main Street have been hit hard by the COVID-19 epidemic, which has had a profound effect on our culture and way of life. Small businesses that did not have an internet shop have suffered greatly due to state and local shelter-at-home requirements and consumers’ general reluctance to venture out. Facebook sped up the rollout of Facebook Shops, a new platform for small companies to easily bring their items online and make them shoppable within the social network, in reaction to the pandemic’s disastrous impact on stores. read more

An Ultimate Guide For TikTok Attribution Manager

TikTok recently informed the House of Marketers team via email that they will be adopting a self-attribution model for all paid advertisements on their platform. Mobile measurement platforms (MMPs) like AppsFlyer and Adjust were once the only options for brands and advertisers. With the new model, however, you can monitor not only app downloads but also a wide variety of conversion events. TikTok’s new Attribution Manager makes it possible to record and credit purchases made on the platform. This provides brands with deeper understanding of their campaigns’ efficacy. This standardisation also makes the platform competitive with other large SRNs like Facebook and Google. read more