Instagram Comments That Are Certain To Get Likes And Views From Advertising Agencies

One underutilised strategy for generating lots of views and audience interaction is providing agencies with amusing things to remark on Instagram.

After all, laughter is the language of the world.

Making people laugh makes them more open to what your client has to say.

The best thing is that you don’t have to join up for or pay for a bunch of IG tools to implement this technique.

Simply use Vista Social to programmatically reply to new client posts.

By doing so, you may spark discussions about your posts.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how to increase engagement with your campaign by using humorous Instagram comments.

What to say on Instagram to get more likes and comments

Remember that humorous remarks are situationally limited in the first place.

Users that post frequently are free to make whatever jokes they choose. Laughing at the posts of close friends, relatives, and coworkers is always in order.

However, marketing firms need to think about their clients’ identities.

The vast majority of brands will approve of jokey remarks. This is especially true if you’re in charge of a young-skewing company or influencer.

However, more established companies might rather keep things on the down down.

The important message is, before you start giving out humorous remarks, make sure your customer approves the plan.

If they do, then you have their blessing to make their product the most popular one around.

Without further ado, here are a few of Instagram’s most hilarious comments:

Comedic rebuttals to the feedback of the audience

It’s encouraging your audience. Keep the conversation going with funny replies that humanise your clients on Instagram.

You are free to use any of the feedback I’ve provided here.

The vast majority of comments provide praise, although others are directed towards more particular issues. Some comments, for instance, are ideal for commentators who post frequently but don’t follow your client’s page.

Snappy remarks that garner lots of likes

Sometimes you have to be the one to initiate contact.

You may be trying to connect with an influencer, or you may just want to treat your followers like old friends. For whatever reason, your writing should take the form of comments on photos posted by pals.

Initial thoughts posted in the comments

Don’t just inject hashtags if you want to use automated first comments to your advantage. To elicit even more feedback, you may also attempt…
What the heck, let’s get some feedback on this photo right away. Prizes for the first ten comments!
The most humorous response will be rewarded with a state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art, over-the-top virtual high five. Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Extra strategies for boosting Instagram comments

Below are a few additional ways to increase interaction with your Instagram followers than simply making humorous comments:

You may pre-plan and automate your articles with the help of bulk scheduling. You’ll have extra time to interact with readers via their comments.
Use Instagram Stories to solicit feedback: The use of questions is another method to increase user engagement. Get the conversation going by asking the right questions on Instagram Story.
Don’t be shy about sharing the content of other users: When you share an influencer’s post, you get even more entry into their feed. It’s not going to make you fast friends, but it will get things going in the right direction.

Put everything in one place on Vista Social.

If you want to assist your clients succeed, it doesn’t matter if you contact your wacky friends or prospective influencers. The bond between you will become stronger if you use humour.

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