11 Ways To Generate High-Quality Backlinks

When other websites link to your pages, search engines will see your site as credible and authoritative. This will increase your search engine results page rankings.

Earning quality backlinks is a function of the value of the material you create. If your writing is insightful and helpful, others will want to reference it.

Google’s initial ranking factors were quantity (the number of connections) and kind (the anchor text), rather than quality. Yet, Google’s perspective on link quality has undergone a radical shift as a result of the Penguin Algorithm Update.

How to Obtain High-Quality Backlinks in a Snap?

Let journalists and bloggers use you as a resource

To find credible experts to quote in articles, journalists and bloggers can use HARO (Help A Reporter Out), a free service. Anybody wishing to network with authorities in a specific field may find this site useful.

If you sign up to be a source on HARO, you’ll begin receiving requests via email on a regular basis. There are specific guidelines, due dates, media outlets to which submissions must be sent, and email addresses to which pitches must be sent for each inquiry.

Spread the word using towering material

When you identify the highest-performing content in your field and then improve upon it, you have created skyscraper content. The term “skyscraping” was coined by Backlinko’s Brain Dean.

How do you locate a career path of such dizzying heights? It’s not that complicated. Try typing in a keyword you’re interested in targeting into Google and perusing the top results on the first page. 

Create inbound links to obsolete materials

An additional phrase coined by Brian Dean. Finding related sites that have disappeared, rebranded themselves, or changed their URL is the goal of this strategy. The next step is to discover which websites are still referencing the broken link. Following this, you contact the sites that are linked to the previous Address, inform them that their link is now broken, and ask them to replace it with a connection to your website.

Publish comprehensive how-to manuals

While trying to rise to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), one of the most effective strategies is to build a large number of high-quality backlinks. But, the question remains of how to acquire a sufficient quantity of high-quality backlinks.

If you want to get links from other websites, you need to make content assets that other people will want to connect to, like comprehensive tutorials.

Establishing backlinks to resource pages

The sole purpose of resource pages is to provide external links to other websites. Having a link to your resource page on another site is a huge compliment. If you believe your work would be a valuable addition to a resource page, you should contact the proprietor immediately.

Blog guest-posting

One such method of getting quality backlinks is by guest posting. This method can be used to attract new visitors, establish credibility, and connect with your niche’s existing audience.

Use these search terms on Google to locate guest blogging opportunities in your niche:

  • Add your keyword to inurl:write-for-us
  • Include this keyword in the title and we’ll hire you to write for us.
  • Search term + guest posts =
  • Search term + add your own content
  • Insert your keyword + inurl:contribute

Create inbound links with the use of infographics

In recent years, infographics have risen in popularity as a means of gaining inbound links. Infographics are a popular form of content dissemination because their visual elements complement the text. Mashable and the Huffington Post are just two of the many websites that regularly include infographics.

When done right, infographics may also be a powerful tool for attracting the attention of influential people who will likely connect to your site. Amazing infographics on a variety of specialty topics are possible with the help of a competent designer. There is no need to bring a designer with you if you want to make an infographic; there are plenty of free programmes like Canva and PiktoChart that can help you do it.

Offer Testimonials

One of the most effective techniques to obtain backlinks is to provide testimonials for things you have used and found to be of high quality. It is common practise for businesses to prominently display positive feedback from satisfied customers. Make sure your preferred brands have your full, complete testimony by sending it to them for inclusion on their site or testimonials page. If that happens, you should expect some high-quality inbound connections.

Brand Mentions that Don’t Have Any Links

While some sites will link back to you after mentioning your company, others won’t. What we’re talking about here are unlinked brand mentions. With the use of monitoring software like BuzzSumo, you can keep track of any online mentions of your company’s name.
Brand mentions without links provide for easier backlinks. Using an automated tool, you can search the web for pages that have referenced your company, and then write the site’s administrators asking for a link exchange.

You should find the websites that connect to your rivals but not to you

Even if your evergreen content appears on Page 1 of Google for your desired term, it may not make it into one of the top three slots. It’s not easy to do without good quality links pointing back to your site.

Yet, stealing your rivals’ backlinks and then outranking their material is a cunning approach to climb the search engine results pages. It’s a common practise that often results in high-quality inbound links for a website.

Repairing and establishing links that have been broken

If you follow a link and expect to arrive at a specific page, you will be disappointed to find that it no longer exists. While trying to access such a page, a 404 error is displayed. Fixing broken links allows you to gain access to new, high-quality links from relevant sites in your area.