An Ultimate Guide: How To Go Viral On Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a way for users to watch videos without leaving the app. This function was introduced as a response to TikTok, which has quickly become one of the most popular social networks for user-generated content and online advertising.
When should you use Instagram Reels, and what is it?
The focus of Instagram Reels is on 15- to 30-second clips, both for production and consumption. Using them can help you rapidly expand your account, but only if you post stuff that others actually want to read. Another argument in favour of giving Reels a try is that Instagram’s algorithm has been updated to prioritise accounts that use them.

How to Make Instagram Reel Videos Go Viral: 13 Steps

Since Instagram reels have been around for a while, it’s getting tougher to make your videos stand out from the crowd. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying your hand at reels! Here are some helpful hints for making short videos that can spread quickly on this platform.

Zero in on a narrow field or subject

Finding a subject or category and posting consistently about it is one approach to increase followers and become viral on Instagram.

Instagram’s algorithm is machine-learning-based, so it only shows your posts to those who are interested in the content you’ve posted. This is why settling on a topic and sticking to it is crucial!

Include a Catchy First Sentence

There are dozens of Reels released every day, so for anything to become viral, it needs to be really captivating. To be noticed, put your own spin on things and make your Reels really original. Make sure the initial few seconds of your video really stand out and grab people’s attention.

Create Appropriately Scaled Reels

The best resolution for a video is 1920 by 1080. In this way, a video may be seen in its highest possible quality, in a 9:16 aspect ratio. This necessitates that you shoot your video in the vertical orientation.

Omit the TikTok watermarks

The introduction of Instagram Reels had a specific goal: convincing people to use Instagram rather than TikTok for sharing short-form videos. TikTok’s watermarks can be recognised by Instagram’s algorithm. You need to get rid of the watermarks if you want your movies to rank well.

Narrate Your Video

More than 80% of Instagram users reportedly watch videos (including Stories and Reels) without sound. This highlights the need of including subtitles or other text that can aid comprehension in the absence of sound. Including text subtitles will help those with hearing impairments watch and comprehend your videos.

Put text in the centre so it can be read in grid view

Since Reels may be seen from both the “Reels” tab and the In-Feed view, the “safe zone” in the middle of the video is the best area to put any text you want to remain legible in either view.

Invoke a response from the reader

In order to get people to do anything in response to your videos, you should always include a call to action at the end. This is the most effective method for gathering feedback from your target demographic. Then you may tailor your material to their tastes. This does not imply deviating from your central concept or idea, but rather considering alternative ways to communicate it.

Integrate Viral Components

You may increase the likelihood of your material becoming viral by including current cultural phenomena, such songs or challenges. This entails monitoring the public’s reaction to current trends and incorporating them into your material (if they make sense).

Promote your content with hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of each Instagram post. This is because they provide context for Instagram’s algorithm, making it more likely that relevant viewers will see your video.

The use of hashtags requires careful consideration. Since there is greater competition for the most popular ones, they are not always the best.

Design Your Own Reel Cover

Putting in the time and effort to design a unique reel cover for your film will pay off in spades. Before the user chooses to play the video, they will be shown with this graphic.

The cover will elevate the work’s perceived worth and aesthetic appeal. Your profile will seem more consistent as a result.

Release Your Clip During Prime Viewing Times

You can’t just post whenever. Equally common is not either. Finding out when the bulk of your intended audience is online and available is crucial.

Schedule your postings for the times and days you know will get you the most attention. You may increase participation this way.

Upload your videos to Instagram and post them in your stories

Promote your Reels by posting them to your Instagram feed and Stories. To achieve this, select the option to “Always share to feed” from the sharing menu. The goal is for people to see each and every one of your updates. It also increases the likelihood that your Reel will be featured on the Explore tab, where it might gain more views, comments, and shares.

Permit Interactions

Getting people to engage with your material is essential if you want to build a following and increase your visibility on any social media network. Getting a lot of attention and becoming viral requires a lot of interaction with your content in the form of likes, comments, shares, saves, etc. Asking your followers a question might speed up this procedure. Because the Instagram algorithm favours textual comments over emoji, this will encourage people to do so.