Tips For Creating Engaging Carousel Posts On Instagram

Your interactions with posts like “Throwback Thursday” or the email about spreadsheet management demonstrate the power of Instagram’s Carousel feature, which can be adapted to a wide variety of marketing strategies.

The Top Ten Applications of Instagram Carousels

Release of Item

You can get your fans excited for your next product release by posting teasers on Instagram. Like Audio-Technica did with their latest set of headphones (see below), you can use the Carousel to showcase images, technical specifications, and even a first look.

About 80% of Instagram users follow a company, so this is a fantastic opportunity to interact with your audience, answer their queries, and generate excitement. If a buyer were to inquire, “Are these headphones available to purchase,” Audio-Technica could respond with a remark mentioning the headphones and linking to the product page where they can be purchased.

Comprehensive footage/photos

You can’t upload your full-length advertisement or picture on Instagram, we get it. Apply the Carousel method to it. In the two-video Carousel provided below, TechCrunch features an Amazon packaging automaton. Full films can often accomplish more than shorter clips or commercials.

In contrast to

The Container Store uses Carousels to answer the question “How does it work. You can help your target audience see how your product can improve their lives by demonstrating its advantages in a visual way.


Carousels are a great way to review events and show appreciation to those who attended if your company organises them. Sliding through the feed, followers can relive the fun of the rooftop meal or plan on attending the next one. Consider this instance, courtesy of INBOUND:

Posts in a Blog

Promoting blog posts with a hidden weapon? Dropping hints on Instagram. An excellent example of this is IBM’s use of the Carousel to tantalise their blog entries without giving anything away.

A company’s image and ethos can flourish on Instagram. Highlight the individuals who make your company what it is by giving them some stage time. See how Pavement, a Boston-based coffee shop, does it by featuring staff members and their preferred roast.

Sayings of Satisfied Clients

Carousels is a monthly podcast promoted by e-commerce behemoth Shopify to showcase its customer evaluations. In addition to generating new leads, this will also help you keep in touch with your current clientele.

Images with a Common Theme

Dogs are loved by everyone. Hootsuite, a tool for managing social media, most certainly does. They put up a Carousel of everyone’s favourite animal dressed up in elaborate outfits. This not only displays the company’s character but also demonstrates how the use of Carousel themes can liven up a company’s web presence.


Carousels have more uses than just advertising products. They can also provide insight into a possible buyer’s background. A Pepsi-style sixth sense is the subject of a new Carousel that was recently uploaded to the company’s website. They timed its release to coincide with the debut of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” and the film is a prime example of the suspenseful power of Carousels.

Explanation and Example

Carousels can be found on Orangetheory Fitness’ Instagram profile to show that the benefits of exercise go beyond weight loss. Customers who are on the hesitant about purchasing a product can be won over by demonstrating the procedure. If your company provides its clients with long-term outcomes, you can use Carousels to demonstrate the unfolding of those benefits.

There is a current cap of 10 pictures or videos per Carousel update for Instagram users. Make the most of those 10, but avoid getting overwhelmed by data. Photos lighten the mood and bring more viewers to your site. Instagram is a supporting tool, not the primary attraction.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to visual media. Toss it all together. Customers and potential leads can get a sense of who you are and what you stand for by viewing an interview clip alongside an advertising picture.

Your account will stick out from the crowd and give your business more individuality if you use a constant theme throughout. Put content on your website that you wouldn’t typically display in a slideshow. Check out our comprehensive guide for more information on how to effectively use Instagram as a business tool.