New Instagram Features Will Be Used for Advertising in 2023

Instagram has introduced a plethora of new features this year, many of which may be utilised in your marketing efforts well into the foreseeable future (2023 and beyond). Let’s take a quick look at the new features that have the potential to improve Instagram marketing in the coming year.

Pinnable Posts on the Feed

This past summer, Instagram added a feature called feed post pinning, which allows users to save key posts without having to worry about them being buried in a content grid. You may pin a post by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the post, then selecting Pin to Your Profile from the drop-down menu that appears.

Choose a post that describes your exclusive offer, the payment and delivery information, or any other pertinent information, and pin it to your grid. By doing so, you will ensure that your followers will be aware of it.

Music included in feed

In November, Instagram added the capability to add music to photographs that are displayed in feeds, in addition to the music that was already available for stories and Reels.

“The option to add music to photographs in Instagram Feed gives creators with extra tools to bring their work to life and express themselves,” as stated by Instagram. You can now add a soundtrack to your favourite photo moments to bring them to life! This feature is available regardless of the format that is most suited to convey your narrative.
This capability is now also available for you to employ in order to bring greater interaction to the content of your feed.

Changes to the Current Account Status

Instagram has expanded Account Status in order to provide users with professional accounts with a better understanding of whether or not the material of their account is appropriate to be suggested to others who are not already following them, as well as what they can do if it is not eligible.

Visit the Account Status page by going to Settings, then tapping on Account, and then selecting Account Status from the drop-down menu to see whether or not your account is eligible to be suggested to users who do not already follow you.
This function makes it possible for you to attract new followers and be seen by those who aren’t already following you. If your account meets the requirements, it may be suggested to users who are not already following it in locations such as the Explore page, Reels, and feed recommendations.

If the account does not meet the requirements, you will get a list of suggestions on how you might make the account more successful.

Reels Updates

Instagram first debuted Reels in 2020, but the network continues to roll out upgrades to the feature that make short videos more interesting and attract more attention. You’ll be able to take your Reels videos to the next level with the assistance of voiceovers, a variety of transitions, templates, closed captions, and a myriad of filters, stickers, and editing tools.

The Marketplace for Creators

Instagram introduced a new platform in June that serves as a meeting ground for content producers and companies interested in forming productive partnerships. The following is an explanation of how the market operates:

The creators choose their areas of interest and choose the companies with whom they would want to collaborate.

Discovering creators, connecting with them, and working with them is made simple for brands.

When it comes to their branded content collaborations, brands are willing to pay the most strategic artists.

You may identify the appropriate influencers for your campaigns by using the marketplace, which you can utilise for your influencer marketing efforts.

Instagram Live Updates

Even live broadcasts haven’t been forgotten about when it comes to upgrades. Beginning with the year 2023, you now have the ability to highlight a planned live event on your grid and choose a moderator for your live stream. Both of these features become available.
You may maintain a pleasant atmosphere during the live stream with the assistance of a moderator, and your followers will be able to learn about the impending stream and subscribe to get more alerts through the planned event reminder. People will be able to tap on the reminder for the scheduled event that is included in your bio, and this will allow them to create a reminder for themselves to ensure that they do not miss the event.

Message to Those Who Post on Instagram

Another brand-new Instagram feature that is exclusive to the business accounts of Instagram users. It gives you the ability to inspire individuals to get in touch with your brand. Just adding a message button to your article, which will then be displayed under it and make it possible for your audience to send you a direct message (DM), will demonstrate how it operates.

Instagram Publishes Collaborative Posts

You may now create collaborative posts on Instagram, which means that the post will display not only on your feed but also on the feed of the Instagram account with whom you are cooperating.

Start by posting a standard feed post or Video, then click on Tag others, and then click Invite collaborator to create a collaborative post.

Visual Responses on Reels

You are able to leave a remark on someone else’s Reel by using another Reel; this function was clearly modelled after TikTok and functions in a very similar manner. This is a feature that is incredibly engaging, and it will take the degree of contact that you have with your consumers to the next level.