Instagram as a tool for customer service

If you’re trying to attract new clients by selling your wares on Instagram, you can’t afford to ignore them by not providing any sort of customer service in return. It can only suggest that you’re trying to get your clients to start buying from your rivals instead of you.

Instagram buyers anticipate that you will respond to their inquiries and help them fix any problems they encounter with your items or service.

While this is not lost on many companies, figuring out how to implement this concept is a significant challenge.

Can we count you among them? Then, you’ll want to keep reading because I’ll explain how to leverage Instagram in your customer service efforts.

When it comes to helping customers, how does Instagram fare?

It’s the conversation that happens between a buyer and a company’s customer service agent on Instagram, after the buyer has made a purchase. The goal is to give such a pleasant and satisfying experience for the consumer that they will want to buy more from you.

To put it another way, it is being there for the people you care about when they need you the most.

If you offer customer service on Instagram, what are the advantages of doing so?
Providing customer care on Instagram is one approach to win a client’s trust and loyalty, which is essential for generating repeat business on the platform. More Instagram posts from your company will increase consumer loyalty and make them forget about your rivals.

Customers are the “golden egg laying geese,” thus it’s important to treat them well.

Additionally, a happy customer is the finest kind of advertising for your firm.

They will promote your company to their followers on Instagram by tagging you in posts about your products or services. Some of your followers will help spread the word about your brand on Instagram by sharing your promotional content and taking other actions.

Let’s explore the many Instagram-based customer care options.

Put your contact information in your Instagram bio

If your Instagram followers have any questions or concerns about your items, they will likely look first in your Instagram bio for contact information.

Provide a way for people to get in touch with you, such a link in your bio, to show that you care and are willing to help whenever they need it.

Disappointment at its lack might make customers regret having patronised your business in the first place.

If your bio doesn’t highlight the channels via which you provide customer support, a potential client who has had a negative encounter with a brand could assume you’re no better.

Activate the alert system

On Instagram, consumers frequently share content tagging and mentioning the businesses they buy from. If you turn off alerts, you won’t be informed of this. Insightful discussions on your offerings will go unnoticed.

There’s a chance that an irate client is actively working to spread negative word of mouth about your company and its wares. Your brand’s identity and reputation on IG will suffer if you don’t make a move when the timing is right.

Additionally, it may be a quality lead that only needs some nurturing before it turns into a sale.

From any point of view, allowing your notification is an improvement to your customer care approach, especially considering the growing need for instantaneous replies from consumers.

Remember that not all consumers would want to use instant messaging or live chat to get their concerns resolved. Getting a reply through direct message might be slow if it isn’t automated.

Put the chat about that delicate topic on a secure line

To avoid damaging your Instagram reputation and safeguard your customers’ personal information, it’s advisable to provide customer care through a direct message or other private route.

Oftentimes, consumers will vent their ire in the post’s comments section. Usually this happens when the quality of the service or product they received from you was lower than they had hoped.

Support should be given openly and honestly

It’s terrible business practise to try to trick a consumer into buying a product by hiding important details. That’s dishonest marketing, and it’ll get you a bad reputation. According to research, 73% of consumers are eager to spend more money with companies that are honest about their goods.

When responding to IG queries, always tell the consumer the truth about the problems your product or service solves.

No worries if it falls short of their expectations!

If a product isn’t going to meet their needs, they should go elsewhere rather than waste money on it.

Be sure to tailor your tone of support to each individual

Empathy, or the ability to put oneself in another person’s shoes and feel what it’s like, is essential in customer service.

This is why tailoring your tone to each individual consumer is essential.

Consider the dissatisfaction of a consumer who receives a damaged item as a result of careless shipment. Since the broken item is not their fault, your tone of voice should convey sorrow and a willingness to replace it.

A consumer who is interested in your product but is hesitant to buy because of a negative experience with a rival also requires words of encouragement and convincing that you represent the best option.

The use of emoticons and hashtags in Instagram direct messages may help you provide more personal, informal, and welcoming support to your customers.