4 Interesting Instagram Hacks Everyone Should Know in 2021

Instagram is one of the best social media marketing in the competitive world at present. It has more than 1 billion monthly active users, and half of the billion users are active on Instagram stories every day. Instagram offers endless opportunities for brands to promote their product on the platform. You can run advertising to increase your brand awareness. 

Stories are one of the best Instagram features that help you to reach more audiences to your profile. Through Instagram stories, you can easily interact with your followers by sending direct messages. When you interact with your followers through stories, it will increase your story views. Also, you can buy Instagram story views to boost your views instantly, and you can add them to your story highlights to engage with your followers for a long time. 

1.Spend Some Time To Edit Your Instagram Story

Simply posting regular Instagram stories will not help you to attract more audience to your profile. So you should spend some time editing your videos before posting them to your stories. Here are some useful editing tools to make your video more attractive.

  1. Save: Make a creative post and save that by clicking the save icon to save the image or videos. 
  2. Filter: this icon allows you to add some AR effects to your image and videos.
  3. Linking: this icon allows you to add your target link to your stories. But this feature only allows accounts with more than 10K followers. 
  4. Accessories: This icon allows you to add some attractive stickers to engage your followers.
  5. Drawing: Next is the drawing icon. With this icon, you can draw something with the brush. Also, you can select the color that fits your posts. 
  6. Text: the text icon allows you to add text; also, you can place it anywhere just by tapping on the screen. 

Use these tools to create compelling videos and attract more new followers to your Instagram account. 

2. Optimize Your Image Size

The story offers two ways to select photos, and you can directly take photos from your Instagram camera or choose pictures from your mobile gallery. 1080 X 1920 pixels are the best for Instagram stories. Make sure to resize your post by story editor app and make them more attractive to reach your target audience. People like to see stories that are clear and easy to understand. Always check your post size before posting them to your stories. 

3. Customize With Color

Story colors can be used for many different things, such as text color, background color, brush color, accent color, and more. You can easily add color to your text by selecting the text editor at the bottom of the screen. Here you can select the nine colors and swipe left to see more colors to make your posts more attractive to your audience. Write your brand name using a text icon and highlight them using attractive colors. After coloring your text, drag them and place them in a perfect place in your story. 

4. Try Instagram Fun Accessories

If you want to get more engagement for your stories, you can use creative stickers to boost your followers and make them interact with your content. Many attractive stickers are available on Instagram stories, such as hashtags, polls, question, quiz and countdown, and more. Using these types of stickers in your stories will help you to interact with your audience. Additionally, adding question and poll stickers can drive more engagement to your account, and it will increase your impression and reach. Also, you can buy IG impressions and reach to boost your account on Instagram. Use these four valuable tips to enhance your Instagram story to reach a wider audience. 

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