8 Effective Instagram Hacks: Marketers Need To Know

Behind Facebook, Instagram is the second-most popular social networking site worldwide. More people use it than use Twitter and Snapchat put together. And every single day, 1.28 billion individuals use Instagram.

That represents almost 28% of all internet users worldwide. Therefore, Instagram is a fantastic platform for any marketing techniques.

Instagram marketing can assist firms in quickly gaining popularity and awareness in this age where consumers rely significantly on online sources for straightforward and rapid information.

Instagram is frequently the primary source for finding such information, whether individuals are looking for cute, aesthetically pleasing photographs for inspiration or product updates from the brand they adore.

8 Incredible Instagram Tricks to Up Your Game

Add Some Colour to Your Instagram Bio

One of the key components of your Instagram account is the bio. Here, you can introduce your company, give some key information, and describe your brand’s origin story.

The majority of people, however, don’t pay much attention to this portion and produce dull biographies that make no sense. You just copy-paste content from your website or social media pages and call it a day, unlike your other postings where you take the time to be creative and original.

It’s time to add some flair to your Instagram bio utilising a few clever tricks. For instance, you can highlight crucial information in your bio using pertinent emojis. Additionally, you can use line breaks to improve the readability and aesthetics of your biography.

Include a link on your blog or website

Even though this is most likely one of the Instagram tricks firms employ the most, it is still a terrific way to increase traffic and sales. By including a link in your bio, you can encourage people to visit your website right away.

They don’t have to enter the URL, wait for the page to load, then search for your website on Google. Your followers can access your website with only one click thanks to the existing link.

If you run a blog, you can also routinely update the bio area with a link to your most recent blog entry. Your followers will be able to learn your most recent details regarding the newest offering in this approach.

Incorporate a call to action

Consider including a button or link in the bio box that, when clicked, takes users to a specific piece of content if you want to advertise it on Instagram. Your call to action needs to be brief, unambiguous, and pertinent to the intended audience. For instance, “Download our free eBook!

This Instagram trick works wonders for increasing leads and conversions. By including a call-to-action, you can persuade your followers to carry out particular tasks you want them to, like signing up for your newsletter, watching one of your graphic videos, or making a purchase.

Use Catchy Hashtags

When publishing on Instagram, it’s a good idea to utilise hashtags related to your goods or services because hashtags are used to categorise postings. When posting on Instagram, using at least 3 hashtags with a lot of monthly users is advised.

Like any other area of your post, you can utilise this Instagram trick in your bio. However, it might not be as efficient as using them in your posts or profile stories if you want to obtain more Instagram followers.

Adding hashtags to your bio may not result in as much exposure as using them in posts and profile tales because users are more likely to look at your profile photo and username before viewing your posts or profile stories.

Include a Location

Another Instagram trick is to put your geographical information on your profile, such as your city, state, zip code, or country, to make it easier for people to find you when they search for local companies.

The “Edit Profile” tab is located in the “Options” section in the upper right corner of your profile page, where you can modify this information.

By including your location in your bio, you may make it simpler for users to find you when they are nearby while also making your Instagram account seem more relevant and local.

Add additional video content

Why not add a video if you’ve been using Instagram for a while and have seen that it receives more engagement than images on this platform? Produce videos for your Instagram account, please.

Tutorial videos are some of the most interesting videos on the internet. Using video marketing tools, you can quickly produce a video that demonstrates how to utilise your product or service and post it to your feed. This kind of film is excellent for spreading knowledge while also marketing your brand.

Tag associated business accounts in your bio

By including the relevant business accounts in your bio, you can cross-promote your brand if you run another company.

In order to make it easier for others to identify and contact you when they need your services, for instance, if you are a photographer, you can tag relevant accounts in your bio, such as wedding planners, event planners, etc.

Employ emojis

Nowadays, emojis are widely used on social media, and because of their amusing and entertaining nature, people may quickly connect them to the brands they follow. They are a terrific approach to give your bio some personality and improve its aesthetic appeal.

They can be used at the start, middle, or end of sentences. You can showcase your newest products by using emojis as bullet points. Emojis can be used to emphasise the tone of your brand or products/services in your profile name, bio, or post descriptions, but watch out that they don’t look crowded or disorganised.