Instagram Analytics: The Definitive Guide With Useful Case Studies

Instagram reels: what are they?

Instagram Reels are time-limited videos that can be no longer than 90 seconds. Through the Instagram app, you can add in various elements including stickers, effects, music, and text overlays.

Instagram videos up to 90 seconds in length are included in Discovery, despite the fact that all Instagram videos up to 15 minutes in length are also published as Reels. The ability to recommend content to other Instagram users increases the promotional power of short Reels.

The Value of Instagram Highlight Reels

An overview of current published Instagram Reels:

  • Try to attract more people. According to the numbers, each month over two billion people use Instagram Reels. The Instagram app’s “Explore” page and the “Reels” menu are great places to find interesting reels to watch.
  • Get in on the action. Take part in current challenges and “Remixes” to boost your Instagram reach. Instagram Reels content creation is facilitated by trends.
  • Sound effects, hashtags, and hash tags may all help make content more discoverable. Make yourself more searchable by utilising music, effects, and hashtags. These factors are used by Instagram’s algorithm when deciding which Reels to show users.
  • Create connections. Instagram Reels humanise and humanise your brand, or the brand of your client. This aids in establishing credibility among your intended audience and attracting new followers.
  • Raise interest among users. Use video to motivate and move your audience to action using a reel. Make it easy for people to do the desired actions (following your page, sharing your Reel, visiting your website, etc.) by using prominent Calls to Action (CTAs).

Insights from Instagram Reels are.

The success of your non-Story, short-form videos on Instagram can be tracked using Reel insights. Your most popular video formats, optimal posting times, and your viewers’ Reel viewing habits can all be gleaned from these insights.

The Instagram mobile app has a built-in analytics feature accessible via the app’s business dashboard. You may then adjust your Instagram content strategy, including your use of Reels, based on user feedback.

Tips to enhance Instagram Reels engagement

Use these guidelines to increase the quantity of new Instagram followers you reach through your Reels:

First, keep the Instagram Reel length in mind.

Check out how long of a Reel your Instagram followers enjoy watching. You might also start fresh content strategies from established Instagram Reels length approaches.

Reels that are between 3 and 18 seconds in length tend to do well in terms of views and interaction. Shorter Reels (between 30 and 90 seconds) have been shown to increase sales.

Try new things with your Instagram Reels.

If you have the correct equipment, learning to build a picture Reel is a breeze. Create and schedule many picture Reels at once with Vista Social, for instance.

As more Instagram users take notice of the prevalence of Photo Reels, this tendency is expected to continue. Instagram, here’s a snapshot as a Reel—put that in your algorithm,” reads a common caption or voiceover accompanying these Reels.

The third rule of Instagram Reels: use the proper aspect ratio

Make sure your material is the right size and aspect ratio for Instagram Reels. This will prevent any crucial parts of your movie from being obscured by the user interface.

The proper Instagram Reel dimensions are 1080×1920 pixels—that’s an aspect ratio of 9:16. When using a video processing programme or a camera app on your smartphone, keep these durations in mind.

Time your Reels appropriately

You may learn about the habits of your audience on Instagram by checking out their in-app analytics. Use the advanced scheduling options in Vista Social to set up the ideal publishing schedule for Reels.

Using past interaction data, Vista Social calculates when exactly Instagram posts will receive the most views. To find out when you should publish, just utilise the publisher’s scheduling features and click the “Show optimal times” button.

Post your reels somewhere

If you want more people to see your Instagram posts and follow you, you could share your Reels on other content promotion networks.

Spread your Reel via DMs or the Story feature by using the built-in share button.

You may also post your reel on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Your email list is another great place to promote your Instagram account and drive traffic to your Reel.

Six, Share Your Demo Reel

Explore Instagram’s reposting features and try out new timings, hashtags, and descriptions for your Reels. You may experiment with various filters, audio effects, and visual effects to discover the optimal setup for your Reel.

Vista Social is a great tool for coming up with trendy audio options to use in your Reels if you have an Instagram business profile.

To add audio to your imported Reel video in Vista Social Publisher, click the ellipsis (…) and choose “Pick sound.”

How do you view Instagram Reel statistics?

Go to your Reels, hit the three-dot settings button, and then tap “Insights” to see how well it is performing throughout your business or creative account. Instagram provides data on the number of impressions, plays, and viewing time for each Reel.

Is there a way to track who has viewed my Instagram Reels?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide any means to see who has viewed your highlights. Users who liked or commented on a Reel are the only ones whose identities can be revealed.

Does re-viewing a Reel result in a new view count?

Views do not accumulate on replayed Reels. No matter how many times a person plays your Reel, they can only contribute a single view to your Reel’s statistics.

Vista Social is the next step in analytics for Reels.

Instagram’s built-in stats are rather good. There is, however, room for enhancement.

Improve your Instagram analytics with automation, personalization, and Vista Social’s comprehensive reporting options. Consolidate your social media statistics by creating cross-channel reports if you’re in charge of many profiles.Start now at no cost to you.