How To Hook Viewers With Instagram Stories

Don’t Stop Being Engaging

Interactivity is by far the most popular feature in Instagram Stories. Just what does that imply? In contrast to passively seeing material, interactive media encourages active participation from its viewers. As Neil Patel so eloquently phrased it, interaction is “the field trip of content marketing.”

With interactivity, the goal is amusement. The point of putting a poll, quiz, question, or challenge in Instagram stories is to get your audience involved in a fun and simple activity. You may gain valuable insight into your audience’s thoughts, views, and ideas through the use of interactive content, which can be used to inform strategic business choices and strengthen customer connections. When your material becomes widely shared, you know you’re succeeding.

The following is an example of a story produced by Athleta to advertise forthcoming virtual events (the countdown is also an interactive component).

Post Snapshots of Your Tweets

Another pattern evident in online news accounts and blog entries? Tweets.

Specifically, brand-colored plain-background screenshots of Tweets. You don’t have to post one of your own Tweets; if you want to share anything from someone else’s Twitter account, as long as you give them credit and tag them on Instagram, you may do so.

Including Tweets in Instagram Stories may have these advantages:

  • Promoting a consistent image of your company
  • Putting up a customer evaluation of your service or product
  • Communicating your professional perspective or insights
  • Communicating vital details about pertinent subjects

Replace Instagram Stories with Reels

Instagram’s Reels is a relatively new feature that lets users make short movies like those found on rival app TikTok.

Reels may be shared on Instagram much like Stories and will disappear after 24 hours. When you embed the video in a social media narrative, you can’t include any interactive elements like stickers or tags. The video plays without any changes to its format.

Why should you utilise Reels to create material for your Instagram Story? To begin, studies have found that people are more interested in watching videos on social media, particularly Instagram. It’s a great way to get people talking about what you’re doing to, and you can use it to promote upcoming events or goods, or even just to drop hints about what’s “coming soon.” Try out Reels and post them to your Instagram Stories; the possibilities are practically limitless.


Be sure to experiment with some of the ways you may utilise social media to interact with your target audience, whether you’re currently using Instagram Stories or want to get started. You may gain insight into their values and passions, and you could just find that something novel and interesting strikes a chord with them. In the end, it will benefit your brand positively.

Study Up on Social Media Advertising

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