Instagram Video Marketing: A Quick Walkthrough

A social network based on multimedia, Instagram has become one of the most popular apps on the planet currently. Instagram offers users the ability to share their moments as photos and videos. Also, video content is an increasingly important part of internet usage and can be of great use to people with hearing disabilities. The fact remains, this most sought-after kind of content has gained widespread popularity among social media users, especially millennials. Nevertheless, in order to succeed with video marketing on Instagram, there are some best practices you should adhere to.

Determine your marketing priorities for Instagram videos

In order to be able to align your Instagram videos with your marketing objectives, you need to determine what those goals are. Startups may, for instance, begin by spreading awareness about their product/service in their first year of operation. The tutorials could thus be How-To videos or tutorials on how to do certain tasks. You could gain more visibility when you buy Instagram auto likes for the new images and videos you posted recently. Conversely, more established firms may wish to produce behind-the-scenes videos that present their culture and camaraderie around the office. You may produce the following types of videos on Instagram:

  • Product demonstrations: Allow your leads to see how your product solves real-life problems
  • Testimonials: Tell prospects what your existing customers like about you.
  • Encourage employees to make videos on their smartphones
  • Show the challenges your team faces through creatively captured BTS videos
  • How-to and guides: Integration of your product/service with customer problems helps generate leads and builds audience interest

Produce high-quality videos

Make sure that any video you produce is high-definition. The quality of low-quality videos is insufficient to attract viewers and keep them engaged. While selecting the best resolution, the duration, and the aspect ratio for your videos is critical, do not forget the ideal resolution, duration, and aspect ratio of your YouTube videos. Generally, Instagram videos fall into one of three categories.

These are videos that have a duration of one minute, as well as 3 types of video formats – square, vertical, and landscape.  Square videos contain a screen resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels. Videos in the Vertical format are presented in a 1080 x 1350 pixel resolution, whereas Landscape videos are presented in a 1200 x 673-pixel resolution. You have the opportunity to reach a large audience using Instagram live videos, which allows you to announce a time and topic in advance. It would be easy to show live videos to anyone who wanted help learning how to play the backhand if you’re a badminton coach, for example. Instagram users commonly use this feature for an interview with a variety of personalities, a conversation, and so on.

IGTV videos

Videos normally last between ten minutes and one hour. The video could be used to showcase types of videos that are longer, like product reviews, documentaries, detailed interviews, and the like.

Add Boost To Your Instagram Videos

To implement an effective Instagram strategy, it is necessary to understand what types of videos are most effective for you. Therefore, how are you going to review the analytics for the videos you share on Instagram? You will find a number of metrics regarding your Instagram activity by clicking on your profile and clicking Insights. If you want to achieve better results, adjust your content strategy according to these insights.

Adopt best practices for Instagram videos

A few simple best practices can help you go from “good to great” with your video strategy on social media. For example, replying to comments made on your videos. Respond to each individual comment on Instagram. In this way, the algorithm recognizes that a genuine conversation is taking place. This enhances the visibility of your video content to an even larger audience, thanks to its wide user base.

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