Instagram Reposting Guide: Recreating Popular Posts By Other Users

It may be time-consuming and costly to continuously publish material you need to see your engagement develop over the long-term on Instagram, which is why you should understand how to repost on Instagram. Instagram is a strong social media network that can help expand brand reach and generate new revenue.

The benefits of Instagram reposting for your brand.

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networking platforms available. Brands who use the site into their marketing plan may take advantage of the site’s over one billion monthly active users to spread their message more quickly and to a wider audience than they might through other social media platforms.

With that kind of following, it’s important to maintain a steady stream of high-quality posts, but doing so may not be financially feasible just now. You should maintain a stockpile of material to keep up with demand, since most marketers post between three and four times each week.

Instagram re-posts are a great way to showcase consumer and staff brand advocacy. Consumers are more likely to believe user-generated content (UGC) than paid advertisements since users aren’t being paid to say they enjoy your product or service.

Taking a Screenshot and Reposting It on Instagram

Using a screenshot eliminates the need for third-party sites to republish content on Instagram. It’s important to note that this approach only facilitates the sharing of still images and not movies.

Learn the steps here.

  1. Take a screenshot of the photo you want to repost from Instagram.
  2. Select the “New Post” tab.

Take a screenshot, then head back to Instagram. In the upper right corner of Instagram, click the “new post” button. (the plus sign inside a square).

  1. Crop the image in the app.

Remember that your phone will capture the entire screen, not just the image you wish to share. To get the exact portion of the image you want to show your followers, you’ll need to crop the screenshot.

Click “Next” in the upper right corner once you’ve adjusted the photo’s size to your desire by pinching and spreading your fingers apart.

  1. Change settings and add new filters.

The post should be edited and filtered just like any other Instagram photo.

  1. Include a reference.

Adding “@ + [username]” to the end of the repost will provide credit to the original poster of the image you’re sharing.

  1. Insert a caption.

You can see a sneak peek of your post up top, along with a place to add a caption. You may add a location and tag persons or businesses as you see fit.

  1. Use the share button.

When you’re satisfied with your post’s appearance after using the aforementioned customization tools, click the share button. The update will go up soon.

Always properly attribute or give credit to the original content owner when reposting content through screenshots, whether it be in the narrative itself by linking to their account, or in the description of a post or reel.

Apps for Instagram Reposting

Videos, Articles, and Posts Republished

When using Instagram on a mobile device. You may now easily share photos and videos from other Instagram users straight from your mobile device, thanks to the app’s seamless integration with Instagram.

If your firm’s Instagram page adheres to a certain brand style guide, you may use Repost to modify your reposts so that they match that style. In order to get more people’s attention, users may choose from more than fifty distinct text styles and symbol art.


When using Instagram on a mobile device. Using Reposta for Instagram is a simple method to share content from other users while still giving them credit for their work.

You may use Reposta by simply copying the share URL from Instagram and pasting it into the app. After that, you may add the credit in Reposta before sending the image back to Instagram.


Users of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter may download high-resolution copies of material using DownloadGram and then share the posts from their own profiles.

With this method, you may repost video, images, reels, and tales from your computer simply by downloading them and sharing the link.

Discuss the Best Instagram Images You’ve Seen

Now that you know how to repost on Instagram, you may add photos and videos from other accounts to your own profile for variety. You may simply reshare your favourite material using the aforementioned options, provided you give credit to the original poster.