How To Run Instagram Giveaway To Grow Followers?

Do you want to know how to do a giveaway on Instagram to get more people to follow you and interact with you?

Organizing an Instagram giveaway is a great strategy for reaching your target audience. Giving stuff free is a great way to get people talking about your company and acquire new fans.

Learn all you need to know, from picking a prize to spreading the word, to host a successful Instagram giveaway and grow your following.

Do freebies encourage more people to become followers?

Instagram contests are a great method to increase exposure and build a dedicated fan base. It may get more people interested in your brand, your Instagram feed, and your business.

When compared to accounts that don’t provide prizes or competitions, Instagram profiles that do so see 70% more growth. In addition, if you use the advice shown here, you may rapidly expand your Instagram following.

There is absolutely no catch to this method. There is no requirement to purchase followers, and no questionable bots will be used. Instead, you’ll get authentic, engaged followers on Instagram who care about your brand.

7 Steps for Running a Successful Instagram Giveaway

First, you need to think about what you’ll give away, how you’ll run the contest, and what tools you’ll utilise. This aids in the preparation and construction phases of your giveaway.

Step 1: Pick a Fun Prize to Give Away

If you want to attract more Instagram followers, it makes sense to provide a very desirable grand prize.

Pick a prize that will resonate with your target market and is in keeping with your company’s values. It will be more difficult to convert contestants into consumers if the reward has nothing to do with your company. Instead, they’ll just be interested in the gift and won’t bother with your business again.

To get you started, here are some potential prizes for an Instagram giveaway:

  • Give away something of value from your company.
  • Assemble a set of freebies that showcase your business.
  • Collaborate with complementary, non-competitive businesses to provide an excellent reward or gift card.
  • Distribute unique, one-of-a-kind items that can’t be found anywhere else
  • To give its customers a chance to win a kitchen-related prize package, MOB Kitchen in this case collaborated with culinary influencers.

Step 2: Determine the Conditions of the Giveaway

Step two is to establish the parameters of your gift. As a result, your gift will be more credible and less likely to cause misunderstanding.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of methods to host a giveaway on Instagram, each with its own set of criteria for participation.

Traditional giveaways, for instance, often only have people submit an entry form. For certain contests, including picture contests, users will be asked to submit an image, video, or some other kind of material.

Step 3: Pick the Most Effective Instagram Contest App

Instagram itself is where most people choose to host giveaways, making it the platform of choice. Quite a few firms run Instagram contests by posting images and asking followers to like, follow, and share.

The technique suffers from a lack of flexibility in terms of how new users can join in. Instagram’s lack of in-post URL support makes it more difficult to direct giveaway participants to your other social media pages and company website.

However, with a giveaway tool, you can host an Instagram giveaway directly from your website and offer additional ways for participants to boost their odds of winning, such as by signing up for your email list or following you on Twitter.

Step 4: Host a giveaway on Instagram to gain more subscribers

Get to work on that Instagram contest! To demonstrate, we’ll utilise RafflePress.

When it comes to WordPress giveaway plugins, RafflePress is without peer. It’s a robust tool for creating giveaways on WordPress sites. The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to make changes to one of the many available gift templates.

With RafflePress, you may choose from a wide variety of contest activities, increasing your chances of attracting new followers on social media, subscribers to your email list, and site visitors with specific interests.

Step 5: Use Instagram to publicise your giveaway

You can’t sit back and hope that people will stumble onto your freebie. No one will enter, and more significantly, you won’t receive the new social media followers your business needs, if no one knows about it.

Instead, you should start spreading the news about your gift as soon as possible. Several tried-and-true contest advertising strategies are at your disposal. Sharing your giveaway article on social media and encouraging participants to tag a friend in the comments is the simplest method to spread the word.

Step 6: Identify the Lucky Winner and Make the Announcement

RafflePress makes it simple to select a winner for a contest. You can see the Needs Winners link over on the right side of RafflePress ยป Giveaways.
On the next page, you’ll find a list of everyone who entered your contest along with information about how they entered and how to get in touch with them.

Select your preferences, then hit Choose Winners Now to pick a winner at random.
Make sure to let your new followers know who the winner is by announcing it on social media and your Instagram feed for some extra engagement and new followers.

Step 7: Examine the Results of the Giveaway

After the completion of your giveaway, you should carefully examine the data collected. You may use this information to improve your giveaway for the future.
Visits to your contest’s landing page, website traffic, referral traffic, etc., can all be easily monitored using MonsterInsights. Your WordPress dashboard is where you will find all of your data.

You can determine which forms of advertising resulted in the most contest entrants by analysing your data in MonsterInsights. Then you may use their feedback into future giveaway promotions.