Can We Replace Google With Social Media Search? Outbound Marketing Techniques In The Coming Year 2023

Discovering how to maximise social media in 2019 will greatly increase your brand’s organic discoverability and reach.

Improving your brand’s social media presence in 2023 is crucial.

The importance of optimising your content for platform search engines is growing as more and more people use the search bar on social media sites.

Short-form video content is on the rise and, with Google’s new Short Video Result Type, it’s the perfect moment to capitalise on this trend.

I hosted a webinar on November 30 with Conductor’s SEO Success Manager, Rachel Schardt. Schardt showed how to maximise social media in 2019 to increase your brand’s organic discoverability and reach.

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Why Should You Focus On Social Media SEO?

These days, more and more individuals look for information via social media platforms. In reality

  • About half of the global population, or 59%, spends at least 2 hours and 30 minutes every day on social media.
  • Forty percent of millennials and Gen Zers would rather use TikTok or Instagram than Google.
  • Over two billion searches are made every day on Facebook.
  • Instagram users find new brands and services 83% of the time.
  • Since consumers are spending more time on social networking sites thanks to social search, your brand’s reach and traffic will rise.I hosted a webinar on November 30 with Conductor’s SEO Success Manager, Rachel Schardt. Schardt showed how to maximise social media in 2019 to increase your brand’s organic discoverability and reach.

Methods for Improving Your Social Media Presence

When optimising, it is crucial to think about how each platform’s algorithm works. Let’s have a look at both of them.

The Facebook Algorithm: How to Rank Higher

Optimise your profile and content for Facebook’s amazing 2 billion daily searches by:

  • Utilising search terms from your profile’s Business Description and Business Category (if applicable).
  • Inserting relevant keywords into the caption.
  • choose a picture or clip that illustrates the subject matter.
  • Keep in mind that, with the exception of highlights, hashtags do not affect your search engine rankings.
  • Using videos because they attract more viewers, get more shares, and rank higher in searches.

The Best Ways to Rank High in TikTok’s Algorithm

Gen Z users, who choose TikTok and Instagram search engines over Google, might be attracted to your profile and content by implementing the following strategies:

  • Name line keywords (up to 30 characters).
  • Tags, descriptions, and in-video text/audio are all searchable.
  • Use between three and five hashtags, a combination of widely used and more specific tags.

YouTube’s Algorithm and How to Rank Higher

YouTube is the second most used search engine, behind Google, and it offers more opportunities for optimisation than any of the other platforms.

  • Title: Put your keywords near the beginning of the title (the optimal length is 46 characters).
  • Use a brief description and major keyword above the fold. Put a secondary keyword and a call to action down below the fold.
  • Use between five and eight keywords as tags.
  • Use three keyword-focused hashtags in your post.
  • Give your video file the same name as the title of your video on YouTube.
  • In an audio recording, emphasise keywords.
  • Turn on closed captioning to have transcripts created mechanically.
  • Advertisement Type: Please select one.
  • However, Short Video Result Types are now showing up in Google search results across social media platforms.

How to Develop a Keyword Strategy for Social Media Marketing

It’s crucial to keep these things in mind while selecting social media keywords:

  • Make the most of your content. Put the researched keywords to use on your website. Each platform has tools like autosuggest that may help you fine-tune your search terms.
  • Verify the Number of Searches. To rank higher in video and video carousel search results, employ an SEO tool that provides statistics on daily social mentions and keywords. Hashtag popularity on Instagram is another metric that may be used to verify the size of a search’s audience on social media.
  • Pay Attention To Context And Meaning. Make sure your social media keyword strategy fits well with your content and your intended audience before committing to it. Make sure the material you’re creating corresponds with what people are looking for.

Make sure you’re keeping proper metrics for social media optimisations like engagement and website traffic.

It’s important to understand what counts as referral traffic so that you can correctly display your data and make educated marketing decisions.