TikTok For Marketing In 2021: Everything You Need To Know

New social media sites are constantly emerging. A prudent marketer monitors these evolving trends but does not necessarily devote time and money to developing marketing strategies for them. And, more recently, all eyes have been on TikTok.

Its growing popularity makes video marketing a more appealing option. Here’s what you need to know if you’re deciding whether or not to include TikTok into your marketing plan.

History Of TikTok

TikTok enables users to create and share vertical video content. Each piece of content is no more than 60 seconds long. Users may incorporate noises and song excerpts, as well as effects and filters, into their compositions. Videos are frequently amusing, musical, or both.

TikTok is known as Douyin in China, where the smartphone application began. It gained worldwide traction following a merger with Music.ly, another video-sharing service dominated by lipsync videos. This occurred in November 2017.

Users worldwide flocked to the network, drawn in part by the boredom associated with the lockdown. It begs the question: Is there a place for companies and marketing on an app that aspires to convert every user into a videographer?

How Is TikTok Marketing Helpful?

In the initial year or two of TikTok’s worldwide existence, a few bold businesses launched marketing excursions into the platform. There were no native advertising functions available at the time. Brands interested in experimenting with the platform had two options: employing influencer marketing, building their user profile, and relying on organic reach.

Both techniques are still in use today, despite the arrival of commercial advertising alternatives in early 2020. However, you will come to know that each of these approaches has several advantages and disadvantages.

While influencer marketing can be beneficial, it also has a lower degree of control. Your brand identity gets inextricably linked to a personality who may or may not share all of your beliefs.

While creating a brand profile on TikTok gives you greater flexibility, it may also be an expensive endeavor. Users of TikTok are used to authenticity. A humorous or imaginative video can go a long way, and to get more attention and click here to create lasting impressions on people bringing more familiarity.

This is why some of the brands use paid advertisements to get good exposure, and the ads can be in-feed, brand-takeovers, top-view, hashtag challenges, and branded effects.

How Brands Use TikTok For Marketing?

Each company must evaluate whether marketing on TikTok is worth the time, effort, and expense. In general, you should consider TikTok if your brand satisfies all or a substantial portion of the following criteria:

  • You’re aiming for a younger demographic (under 30)
  • You want to be perceived as trendy, edgy, and genuine.
  • You’re willing to explore and evaluate novel techniques.
  • You are marketing to individuals, not to corporations.
  • At the moment, the platform does not appear to have a market for business-to-business advertising. As a result, B2B marketers should definitely focus their efforts elsewhere.

By encouraging viewers to reproduce the dance in their own videos, this hashtag challenge promoted Taylor Swift’s single ME! TikTok is the appropriate marketing medium for this attempt because Taylor Swift’s music is typically appealing to younger audiences.

Your films must be both humorous and distinctive to gain organic success on TikTok. However, a popular video on the site has the potential to expand beyond TikTok swiftly. Unlike other social media sites, which make sharing content a little difficult where TikTok has a built-in video download option in it. Users may download and email their films, as well as share them on other social networking platforms (all with the TikTok watermark).

Final Thoughts

Although TikTok has only been around for a few years, it has quickly developed a devoted following among youthful viewers. Brands that are willing, being honest, and perhaps even a little bit ridiculous may be able to catch this audience’s attention. This will need experimentation. It’s impossible to predict how TikTok will progress in the future. 

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