How To Make TikTok Shoppable For Your Brand Product?

TikTok has expanded beyond its original focus on dance challenges and lip-syncing videos to include a “Shop” section. It is not unexpected to see this new development. They finally made it worthwhile for brands to advertise on the platform, and with 732 million monthly active users, it was about time.

New products, trends, and styles have been introduced to consumers all over the world thanks to TikTok. For the time being, let’s just say that this platform moves product and has the potential to significantly increase sales. In 2021, the “great feta cheese shortage” was caused by the popularity of a baked pasta recipe containing feta cheese, proving that the app is ideal for retail therapy.

The potential profits for an online retailer who successfully breaks into this market are substantial. You want your brand to stand out on TikTok, but you also want to make it easy for users to buy your products. This article will explain how to use Pixlee TurnTo to create shoppable content and attract more customers.

TikTok is the best option to get more eyes on your products

Adding product tags to your videos on TikTok can boost sales and views. Consumers appreciate the convenience of being able to access the product directly from the video. You’d need a comprehensive product catalogue with stunning visuals and engaging copy to succeed.

After you’ve prepared your product catalogue, you can link your brand’s TikTok account with Pixlee TurnTo. The next step is to make a fresh album in Pixlee TurnTo where you can store all of your brand’s posts. When this is complete, your followers will appreciate the ease with which they can make purchases by watching videos that are tagged with relevant products. Connecting your TikTok account to Pixlee TurnTo allows you to monitor your channel’s growth and performance, providing valuable feedback for future videos.

By tagging products in each video with Pixlee TurnTo, DMC’s “Shop the TikTok” site page not only gives visitors access to the brand’s TikTok feed to browse products, but it also creates a clear path to purchase.

Share content on all of your social media accounts at once

Despite the fact that TikTok has millions of users, it is not enough to focus all of your marketing efforts there. Expanding into new markets and increasing exposure through alternative methods is crucial. TikTok videos are also valuable assets that can be successfully shared on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter due to their short length and digestibility.

It’s not easy to maintain a presence on multiple social media sites. The social media sharing tool Pixlee TurnTo makes it simple to distribute your posts to multiple networks at once. You can schedule the release of your videos on other platforms using TikTok’s social features. The calendar function provides an additional means of keeping track of your content schedule, allowing you to more easily monitor your posts.

Third, systematise content creation by your authors.

Influencer partnerships can increase exposure and sales for your business. The audience for influencers is already there. As a result, expanding your reach into new demographics is possible through influencer marketing. Think about using a user-generated content marketing platform, such as Pixlee Turnto, to incorporate content from influencers and customers into your marketing strategy.
Temptu uses Pixlee TurnTo to manage influencer and user-generated content in-app, and the brand’s TikTok page regularly showcases this content’s variety. When properly organised, this information can be a powerful selling tool for your online store.

Keeping up with the posts of a number of different creators and influencers can be time-consuming. Pixlee TurnTo removes the hassle of coordinating multiple authors’ work. Content can be neatly filed away and labelled with the help of the Campaign album.

4 Make use of TikTok videos in your current advertising plan

Remember to promote your TikTok videos through other channels like email and your website. Your conversion rate and user involvement will both increase. The need to create unique content for your website and email marketing campaigns is eliminated, saving you both time and money.

Finally, don’t forget to talk to people in the room. They’re the ones who will tune in to your TikTok videos, like your content, and buy what you’re selling. It’s only fair to show some appreciation back if they’ve shown it to you by, say, liking your comments or answering your questions.

Take advantage of TikTok’s new shopping features for success

So, as you can see, TikTok can be used in a variety of ways by e-commerce companies. TikTok content can be a great asset for all of your company’s marketing efforts, and the app itself is fantastic for making sales. To further your company’s development and produce high-quality content, make the most of all the resources at your disposal, including top-tier programmes like Pixlee TurnTo.

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